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Starred Value-Added Services

It can be difficult getting feedback from site when project progresses. What makes 3DA different? With its "Site-Connect" Service you get round-the-clock CCTV feed from site available to every 3DA client.

Fully Device Responsive

All services are fully multi-discipline, multi-platform and multi-device responsive. What this means is that you can communicate with site from your Desktop PC, Tablet, iPad, iPhone or Android mobile device.

Custom-Tailored Designs

3DA custom-tailors the designs to your requirements and liking. Designs are processed via intensive collaborative design sessions where you are the star and prime contributor of suggestions & alterations.


No matter your architectural/ interior knowledge, we will do our best to explain what's going on and how. Our time together is important. We will make sure you walk away with more than just some pretty designs.

3DA Design-Connect℠ & Site-Connect Services℠

With the 3DA Design-Connect℠ & Site-Connect Services℠ as a 3DA Client you get unparalleled design development & feedback services on your project.

  • Design Presentations happen online at times chosen by you; you do not have to leave your premises to visit the Architects' office for presentations/ meetings (though you have the option to);
  • Pod-casts and Intermittent Informative bulletin emails about your design development keep you informed on stage of design in the Studio.
  • CCTV 'Live Feed' streamed round-the-clock, 24x7 to your Desktop PC, iPad, Tablet, iPhone or Android phone keep you abreast with progress of works at site. You mark site progress vis-a-vis pre-defined milestones configured via PERT & CPM networking protocols.
  • Shortest possible design-turnaround time (Design TAT) based on real-time system rendering engines. Your first presentation happens in as short as 48-72 hours (based on quantum/ scope of project).

As a 3DA Client, you get the maximum returns on your investment towards Intellectual Property inputs on your project. 3DA is currently the ONLY firm offering such value-added services in this part of the world.